Testing Circus, a free software testing magazine was first published in the year 2010 by Ajoy Singha, one of the pioneers in the field of software testing from India. Testing Circus targets readers who are both professional and amateur testers. The regular articles and columns published in the magazine are written by professional software testers. A varied range of articles, topics and case studies are covered by Testing Circus and in course of 4 years they have successfully established themselves as one of the world’s most prominent software testing magazine catering to the needs of testing enthusiasts and software testers.

Some of the most famous software testers of the world like Michael Larsen, Chris Kenst, Narayan Taman, Markus Gartner, Lisa Crispin, Mike Talks, Pradeep Soundararajan among others regularly contribute articles for this magazine. One of the leading software testing magazines India, Testing Circus covers a varied range of topics like tutorials and testing tools, tips for security testing, reviews of books and recommendations by testing pioneers, test ideas on different applications, case studies and articles about software testing, interviews of professional testers, a list of testing sites to be followed, a list of testers to be followed on Twitter, latest testing news and updates and much more. Some of the most popular features of Testing Circus includes diary of a fake software tester. The interview section features one interview each month of the leading software testers of our time and the questions range from views regarding the future of software testing to the different new concepts which are developing in the realm of software testing. Testing experts like Anne Marie Charrett, James Bach, Ben Simo, Michael Bolton, Keith Klain, Vipul Kocher, Parimala Hariprasad and many others have been interviewed by Testing Circus. The section fake tester’s diary is an article written in an autobiographical mode where the various mal practices in the testing projects are regularly exposed. This is one of the most enjoyable section of the magazine through which enables our readers to discern the false practices which has been encountered by the writer. An ebook version of all the entries of the diary has been collected and published in PDF, mobi and epub format.

While publishing articles related to general testing in its previous issues, Testing Circus is now publishing special edition issue which focuses on specific themes revolving around software testing. A number of interesting articles on defect and reporting, mobile application testing, Black Box software testing, open source testing tools etc. have recently been published by our magazine. One can also find an ebook written by Rob Van Steenbergen titled ‘’Promoting Software Testing’’ on Testing Circus. One of the leading software testing magazines of our times, Testing Circus has recently helped and partnered with other prominent software testing magazines like the Testing Trapeze magazine and the Women Testers magazine. They help and promote software testing initiatives for other communities as well. In November 2014 the 50th issue of our magazine had been published. One can subscribe for Testing Circus for free and the monthly issues of the software testing magazine pdf will be emailed to all the subscribers.

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