Tell Me About Yourself is a very common question in any interview. So does for Software Testing Interviews. It is very important that one should answer this question impressively in the interview apart from other common software testing interview questions. If you cannot answer this question properly, the chances of being selected in the interview will be very less. Here we are compiling some sample answers to tell me something about yourself for software testers. Customize your answer modelling after the answers given. However, make sure when your answer should not sound like you are repeating like a parrot. Hope you will like it. Please like/share the same with your friends in your social circle.

How to answer Tell Me Something About Yourself for Software Tester

How to answer Tell Me Something About Yourself for Software Tester will depend on the experience and skill of the person. You will definitely have to mention about your experience in software testing, kinds of projects you have worked in the past, knowledge of automation tools, processes etc if you are interviewing for test analyst position. However if you are interviewing for test lead or test manager position you would mention your experience about managing and leading a team of testers. I hope the following sample answers will help you how to answer tell me about yourself for QA Analyst.

Here are few sample examples of tell me about yourself for software testers:

Tell Me About Yourself Answer for Experienced Software Tester

I am have an experience 4 and half years of working in a technology company in Mumbai. My area of expertise includes testing web and mobile application. Recently I am testing an application in iOS platform for a large financial organization in Germany. In the past I have worked on web applications ranging from mutual fund applications to banking software. My preferred domain is financial services and I would like to continue in this domain to utilize the knowledge I have learnt so far. I use automation tools such as Selenium and iMacros for testing repetitive test areas of my application. I have also used Quality center tool for test management and defect reporting. Recently I have completed my ISTQB Foundation Level certification.

Tell Me Something About Yourself Sample Interview Answer for Software Tester (Fresher)

I am a fresher and I have taken training in software testing from a reputed institute. I am a B.Tech. by education. I have learnt functional and non-functional testing during my software testing training. I have executed a project in software testing where I used automation testing tool Selenium to automate some of the commonly used features of the application. I have written test cases for the manual execution and reported defects in Jira. I am well versed with the testing concepts in black box testing. I am sure given a chance, I will be quick to learn and perform in a software testing project.

Tell Me Something About Yourself Sample Interview Answer for Software Tester (Manual Testing)

I am a tester with about 3 years of manual testing experience in different project and technological environments. I have extensively written test cases and executed test cases on different applications in my organization. Recently I have started learning Selenium automation tool. I have used Bugzilla and Mantis defect reporting system in my past projects. I am also proficient in writing SQL queries. In my current project I am testing a web based application designed to be used in retail application. This is a very complex application and I am learning a lot of things in this domain.

Tell Me Something About Yourself for Selenium Automation Tester

I have 4 plus years of experience in manual and automation testing. I am working for xyz technologies. I have been on working different domains like Retail and Manufacturing. As a tester, I have good experience on writing test cases, preparing traceability matrix and writing bug reports. I have successfully performed testing like functional testing, smoke testing, regression testing etc. I have good knowledge on Automation tools Selenium. We also use qTest for test management and Jira for bug reporting. Recently I have automated a major portion of our manual test suite using Selenium Web Driver and by that we were able to save lots of effort spent on repetitive work. I am a Bachelor of Engineering by education and currently working as a senior software tester in my organization. I am an ISTQB Advanced Level certified in Test Automaton Engineer.

Tell Me Something About Yourself Sample Interview Answer for QA Analyst

I am currently working in ABC Limited as a software test engineer. I joined this company 2 years back as a fresher. During the last 2 years I have been involved in 3 projects where I was a part of testing team. I have good knowledge of manual testing, functional and non-functional testing. I have also done performance testing using Load Runner tool. I am very proficient in writing test cases, documenting and defect reporting. Recently I was appreciated for suggesting design changes in our application UI. I have an MCA degree from XYZ University and currently residing in PRQ city with my family.

Tell Me About Yourself QA Lead, Test Lead

I am Test Lead and I have 8 years of experience in Testing. As a tester I have written test cases, developed traceability matrix and executed many web based application. In my recent role, 5 junior testers report to me. My primary responsibility is to collect the requirement from Business Analysts and pass on to my team. I review the work produced by team before delivering to the end client. I am also responsible for making sure that the test schedule and effort stays within budget. We are working on an Agile Environment and it calls for constant communication with your development and business counterparts. I also make sure that our deliverable goals are met from iteration to iteration. As a test lead, I am the single point of contact and responsible to report the status and risks of the project to the senior management. I also take care of the process requirement that we follow in our organization.

Tell Me Something About Yourself Sample Interview Answer for Test Managers

My name is Alex. I am currently working as a Test Manager for ABC Technologies Inc. I manage a team of 5 test analyst. Although my primary responsibilities are to manage the team and deliver well tested software products, I am also very hands on and involve myself deeply during the actual testing activities in the test cycle.

In the past several months since I have been promoted as Test Manager for our team, I have implemented several process changes in the testing cycle that have improved the testing efficiency in the team. I am also building an automation framework and currently running a pilot project to automate a very complex part of our software product.

Apart from day to day test management task I am also involved in release management and coordinating with programming team to plan deliverable and set dead lines and milestones for the team. I am also an ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager certified profession and currently studying for Expert level certification.


Hope you liked the sample answers. If you have any question, leave a comment.


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